Gladiator 2 - Workstation soundset €29 / $38

Workstation is a Gladiator 2 soundset with 155 new and exciting presets, designed to showcase some of the sonic qualities Gladiator's HCM synthesis is capable of.

A collection of warm & lush pads, beautiful soundscapes, pumping basses and fierce synth sounds, suitable for a wide range of music genres, including Progressive, Electronica, IDM, Minimal and Cinematic.


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Firebird+ - Expansion Abstracts €29 / $38

Abstracts is a collection of 600+ patches, an extensive 30 page manual including step by step tutorials with tips and hints for Firebird+ and a patch list with descriptions and tags for easy access to your sounds.

Featuring deep basses, ambient textures, rhythmic elements, leads and evolving pad sounds, Abstracts showcases the true strength of Firebird's Harmonic Content Morphing synthesis.


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